Wawel Castle Krakow or cracow Poland

Wawel Castle some history and facts On our way to Auschwitz we decided to stop of at Krakow or Cracow and pronounced krakuf and visit Wawel castle. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland and has a real charm about it. It is also dreamed one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, can’t argue

Schloss Branitz Park and Lake Pyramid ( Tumulus)

Schloss Branitz Pyramid (Tumulus) Schloss Branitz located in branitz park, is probably one of the most visited parks in the Cottbus area. The Park and Branitz schloss are stunning with lots of very interesting areas of designed landscape. Most prevalent are the beautiful reflective canals and expansive lakes with an array of  different decorative bridges.

Castle Park Brody Poland pforten

When we made a recent trip to Castle Park Brody in Poland. We were pleasantly surprised by both the park and castle. We arrived at the best time of year, in late summer and the weather was perfect.The castle was in a state of regeneration but showed many signs of decline from the previous years.

Berlin Arch or The Brandenburg Gate

The Berlin Arch ?? The Brandenburg Gate or The Berlin arch as it also known, was once the gate of a former wall. This marked the entrance to the city. It is the only surviving part of that original 18th century structure that once enclosed the city. Dedicated as a symbol of peace after many years

Fantastic Campsite in Dartmoor ?? Langstone Manor park

looking for a fantastic campsite in Dartmoor ??. Then look no further !!. The Langstone Manor park is a great camping and caravan site in the heart of Dartmoor national park. There is plenty to do in the area especially for the outdoor types such as cycling, wild hiking. There is also a lovely town nearby with

Eden Project Cornwall, What an amazing Oasis a Gem from a crater !!!

The Eden Project experience !!!!!  and Zipwire OMG !.

We went to the Eden Project in Cornwall Devon in the summertime and luckily on the day we went the weather was really nice. We had gained a fairly good insight into the project because prior to going we read the book. The book was especially entertaining and set us in the mind of wonder. The book explains and talks about the people involved in the project. Primarily it talks about how they were similarly like-minded and brought together for a common goal. It describes the quirky characters and the vast array of individuals that seemed to fit this crazy idea to take it from conception to completion.

The Site !!

Tim Smit the co-founder of the Eden Project researched different areas and ultimately chose this site; it was originally an expansive disused China clay pit . He immediately realized that this would be the best place to showcase the world’s most important plants. Although having a blank canvas must have been very challenging but also very artistically rewarding.


Eden project

                                                       Eden Project biomes

2 Great Historical Places to Visit in Jedburgh

Jedburgh on the Scottish borders is a fantastic place to visit. On our recent visit to Jedburgh we found 2 Great Historical places to visit in Jedburgh; Mary queen of Scots house and Jedburgh Abbey. We decided first to visit the magnificent Abbey. On approaching the abbey you can see it soar up into the